In the Beginning


So welcome, ladies and gents. This is an experiment I am working out just to kind of see how things go. I took a few writing courses in high school and did fairly well, and enjoyed it fairly well. So this should be fun! I’ll write posts about once every month, and please feel free to leave some feedback. Just a couple rules about the feedback:

  1. Be honest and open. I’d rather hear your unbridled thoughts than some smoke up my…..
  2. No arguing in any of the comments with other people. Present your thoughts to me, be frank about it, and let other people have their thoughts.
  3. Keep the language clean, and, if you have no other way to express yourself, at least **** it out.
  4. Join me monthly for a new post and spread the word if you like it, or, if it’s that bad, spread the word so more people can laugh at it. Either way, share!

Now as I was saying, I started doing some creative writing a few years ago and enjoyed it, but college and football and life pretty obviously hindered some of that process. So I’m starting it up again. And, since I’m bringing this back from it’s origins, I thought what better piece to get me and my blog started than a piece I wrote back then to some acclaim and entertainment. So with no further ado, I present to you “Dare to Dream.”


Dreams. Dreams are lies that adults give to youth so that they can escape the annoying ones supposedly doing their math homework. Society says to “Shoot for the moon!” For if you miss, you will surely land among the stars.

Pish-posh. If you miss the moon, you keep going into the endless blackness.If you’re lucky, you crash land on some alien planet, millions of miles away from home. Or, if you miss the moon and the planets, and their moons, perhaps some asteroid will sweetly put you out of your chilling misery. Finally, if you are unfortunate enough to miss all of the aforementioned, perhaps a star will take you in, burning you into space dust, using you as fuel to temporarily fan the flames of a solar flare. If you are so deridden and abandoned by the gods that you missed everything, surely either a black hole or a frozen space death awaits you. The black hole swallows you whole, erasing any trace of you from existence entirely, making it as if you never walked the face of the universe. On the other hand, a frozen space tomb, floating around as space trash, obtrudes an infinite hurting. To be able to see what they were, what they could have been, what they are now: there is no worse fate. There is nothing left but an empty shell, a shadow of what they used to be. So the REAL question is, do you dare to dream?


One thought on “In the Beginning

  1. Bill

    Dreams are based on hope. To dare to dream is to dare to hope. Life without hope is a sad way to live. Dare to dream and live with hope.

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